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Show your best shot!
  • I would like each of us, who are video creators or filmmakers show their best shot, or your favorite take. This one everyone speaks, or they ask for. It would be nice if a small explanation of how it was recorded and the reasons that make it so special for you.

    My lucky shoot: (jump to 1´13")

    Was recorded 2 years ago, with a gopro3 and a homemade cablecam following the jump of a police dog through the window of a van. The shot ends in closeup with the dog biting the driver. Was repeated 3 times, the first jump was very far of the cam, the second (this one), and third with dog's head crash against the camera!! Funny shooting day for me.

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  • No one wants to participate?

  • @Grimor

    People can have issue selecting best shot :-) Many went checking drawers for this old VHS tapes full of kittens.

  • Many went checking drawers for this old VHS tapes full of kittens.

    Absolutelly precissss

    Of course then I'll have to find the old 4 headed VHS video recorder, not uncle Fredo's super duper betacam no, but the one that 'cause was so common and ugly ended up in a storage where a humble family of mice has made their home, then you have to have the guts, patience and knowhow to put that compact family of tiny fornicators somewhere at least as nice... by the time the mice are installed somewhere else, you need an industrial vacuum cleaner just to mildly attack dust's crusty first layer, where's the fucking thing??!!!... start searching... meanwhile you find some old photos of dead friends and what is more important, your collection of porn vintage magazines and a corroded hunting knife. The head is spinning not because so many memories, but because of the particles floating in the air and overall life chronic hangover; who am I? what am I doing here? what year is it?

    Then, I was lucky enough to remember, I don't really ever at any time as much I was kicked had a fucking best shot...
    Anyway @Grimor I can share what I eat, je je je =)


    Quillo tu ere de Málaga gotam city?!!

  • Boquerón, of course!

  • @Grimor

    How did you make that shot? Long pole with Gopro?

  • As you can see, "0" budget production.