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GH2 hacked vs original side to side comparison
  • Hello, i´m starting this thread so that we can see some side to side comparisons between the hacked gh2 and the unhacked gh2.

    This first test was made to see if there where any banding improvement, and are stills taken from video.

    AVC-HD High settings. 42 mb/sec 1080p AQ = 4 and 34
    mb/sec 720p AQ = 2. Gop default. No other AVC-HD

    -mode: vibrant
    -shutter: 25
    -wb: 3400k

    with a Canon FD 50mm 1.4,
    shooted at f2 with a macro conversion ring
    (i shooted in macro because thats the only time when i can see any banding issue, at least in the lcd of the gh2)

    to get the unhacked firmware, pass the panasonic original firmware through the ptools, selecting no patches, and save it with a higher last number, so that the camera will update the firmware once it gets loaded on the sd card (it doesn´t work directly to the sd card)
    please, those that will post other comparisons, please remember to type all the settings as i did above.
    3840 x 1250 - 2M
    3840 x 1250 - 2M
    3840 x 1250 - 2M
    3840 x 1250 - 2M
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  • Hi Folks (from Paris France "my english is getting back slowly ;-) ) I am a new user of GH2 and an old user or argentic Nikon and Video with Sony cam and ready to go to Canon M3 but....for video... i still do not understand when you have the last VK patch loaded in the GH2 (thanks) how you figure out when you are in 50 60 Pal or NTSC settings, and where do you choose that. I am ready to transform my GH2 in a IR camera taking of the IR filter, but it is a bit tricky , som more infos ??? regards

  • @smb

    I don't think that this topic is suitable for your questions. It is better to post to same question starting with Beginners.

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