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Could a GH4 hack allow full sensor capture (16:9)?
  • Hey guys, sorry if anyone's mentioned this already but I didn't find any topics on this.

    I've been researching this camera for a while now before I decide to buy it, and a personal problem for me is wider angles, given how the widest I can go is 2.24x with C4k. I'd read a wishlist of ideas for a GH4 hack allowing full sensor width capture at 4608x1920 (2.4:1), which would be awesome. Although, this raised the question for me as to whether or note a full sensor readout of 4608x2592 (16:9) is possible?

    As far as I know, 4k writing speed had been clocked at 12.5mb/sec. Assuming the 4k (8.3mp) is written at 12.5mb/s, and C4k (8.85mp) at a slightly higher rate, how taxing would it really be for the camera to record at a full sensor 4608x2592 (12mp)? If we were to simply crunch the number in mp, full sensor 16:9 capture would be 1.44 times the file size, meaning it'd require an 18mb/s writing speed. Also, if that full width recording, 4608x1920 (8.85mp), was hacked for, it doesn't seem to me that it should be any more taxing on the camera and the cards.

    I mostly bring this up because of the crop factor, though the increase in resolution for 16:9 would be sweet, frankly. Personally, I'm interested in the GH4 for shorts, so a 4608x1920 recording would still be a wet dream come true, but C4k suffices for the time being. My interest in 16:9 is for potential client work. These are just a few thoughts on possible hacks, custom/2.35 grid lines would be sweet.

    Hope this doesn't arouse the ire of pressured hackers, just some thoughts. Thanks for reading :)

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  • Answer is simple - no. While you did some calculations sensor is not so simple as you think.

    Again, all you need to look is FOV. Get another lens, period.

  • I could understand how that might not work, though I'm still confused about how a 2.4 capture wouldn't work data rate wise. I understand that it's not quite as simple data rates, I'd just like to know if reading out that different aspect ratio off as 1:1 is possible. The main desire for this isn't just the lack of an extra crop factor, as mentioned; but rather the extra pixels that wouldn't be wasted, as they are currently due to cropping.

  • out of curioustiy, is there anyone actively working on a gh4 firmware dump? do they need donations?

  • i think given the fact that there was never a GH3 hack, i don't think a GH4 one will ever happen

  • @discomandavis @Sph1nxster

    It is good idea to stop speculations. Never say never.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev is there anything forum members can do to help with the progress of any of the hacks GH3 or GH4?

    Even if that means stop asking "when?" ;)