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Google Glass Topic
  • Has anyone been around a pair of glass? Would it be possible to hack a pair of glass? I just sent an email to the google glass employees asking if they would support a kickstarter project that focused on enhancing (hacking) the camera aspect of glass.

    Anyways, here are the specs:

    Display - High resolution display is the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away.

    Photos - 5 MP
    Videos - 720p

    Bone Conduction Transducer

    Wi-Fi - 802.11b/g

    12 GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage. 16 GB Flash total. Battery

    One day of typical use. Some features, like video recording, are more battery intensive.

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  • Any reason to do it? I think camera is quite horrible and whole product is more proof of concept.

  • I agree, the first version is horrible and probably won't allow much room for growth, as far as a hacking is concerned.

    My main reason for wanting to do this is to just see what the possibilities are. I know glass 1.0 is rough right now, but the possibilities with a wearable camera that records quality footage could be a great tool for filmmakers. Imagine the behind the scenes you could get if a director wore a set of glass while shooting a major motion picture? An athlete running the iron man or a hiker exploring the wilderness could be unreal.

    These things are going to be huge within the next decade or two (imo).

    The way google has it now is that it's more of a social media device (which turns people away from it). A pair of glass that completely ignored that aspect and focused solely on the camera could be pretty awesome.

  • @Seethlaw

    You do not need glass for it, very good quality action cameras consisting of two parts exist now.

    If you ask me - the less such social devices we have - the better. As they produce only crap.

  • Really? Similar to the glass build (wearable eye frames)? I did some gahoogling and didn't come up with anything except some startup that looked like it was going nowhere.

    10-4 on the social devices.