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An improved Head Up Display
  • Until now, HUD displays in cars looked like text sitting on the windscreen. Now it appears to float in front of the car.


    The head-up display, which Mercedes-Benz is introducing into its first vehicle model as of 2014, takes this to a higher level. The system provides data on vehicle speed and speed limits, and issues navigation instructions and warnings from assistance systems. The ‘head-up display’ supplements the information in the instrument cluster. As in modern day aircraft, important information is reflected onto the windshield, directly in the driver’s field of vision, ensuring drivers are less distracted away from what is happening on the road ahead. Furthermore, the eyes do not have to adjust between distance vision and short-range vision, because the information seems to hover above the engine hood some two meters in front where drivers can absorb it without having to avert their gaze or make optical corrections.

    Perhaps with similar but wearable technology (a la Google Glass), city streets will no longer be filled with pedestrians looking down at their phones?

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  • You can get such thing for your car (any car). I do not remember manufacturer due such gadget exist and it project all info to the wind screen.

  • The trick is to have the projected data appear way in front of the windscreen. 6 metres is the magic point beyond which people's eyes (and camera lenses) have little focusing to do - and getting anywhere near that will be a big improvement.

    This is hard to produce. The Yaris went some way by positioning the gauges well away from the screen on the floor under the console, with a mirror used to double the length of throw. Maybe Mercedes are using even more light-bouncing techniques.