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Spanned MTS file recovery after GH2 freeze
  • First, I apologise for making new topic about this since I know it has been talked about over and over but I'm on tight schedule and after quick search couldn't find definite answer.

    GH2 froze during long recording. Not sure for how long it remained frozen since the camera was fixed on tripod and I have been messing with sound recorder, all the time checking the red record circle on display, which was frozen, that i haven't figured out immediately. I continued filming after reinserting the battery.

    Tomorrow morning, on the card I have 00-03.mts spanned files that are not recognised in Premiere as spans, but all work, and 04 is the beginning of new spanned sequence. I am missing 10 or more minutes of the show (EDIT: between that 03 and 04, to make it clearer).

    Does this mean that it crashed on spanning point and that it is pointless to try with recovery software or something..

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  • Thanks for the link, how have I missed it, huh?!

    All of them are readable. No 0kb files and similar, no weird stuff.

    That Stellar Recovery software sees 14 files. Which is exactly how much I see in the folder and all are readable.

    So the camera must have never started writing the new span after 03.mts.

    My first ever glitch after 2 years of using GH2 for everything. Well it had to happen once..