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CN-576 High CRI 95+ lights
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    Really bright, high quality light.

    • special batch, CRI 95
    • easy to use and tilt handle
    • light
    • sturdy construction

    Check additional details and price.

    768 x 527 - 77K
    422 x 626 - 32K
    782 x 519 - 70K
    758 x 393 - 38K
    768 x 759 - 82K
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  • Price missing a zero?

  • Ah, nevermind, I see now. My mistake

  • Are these bi-colour or do you choose (shipped with filter?) between 3200 / 5600 k? I also can't spot if they are dimmable...?

  • Are these bi-colour or do you choose (shipped with filter?) between 3200 / 5600 k?

    Nope, they are 5600K

  • Ok! Filters included I presume..

  • @RRRR

    Check photo above.

  • Lights look superb. And affordable.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev do these lights have additional battery plates to support different batteries. For example the the F970?

  • For example the the F970?

    It has mount for three Sony NP batteries, like F970 (but comes with small F550).

  • My set just arrived. The stands aren't great, but I have others I can use. The lights themselves are fantastic, and unbelievable for the money.

  • @mrbill do you think you can post a small short video of the lights to see how bright they are?

  • Out the door with editing at the moment - I will try in the near future. They're very bright!

  • Skin tones test would be much appreciated, especially if it can be compared with other light sources in the same test. I know, I'm asking a lot! ; )

  • Pretty darn nice looking. too bad i need to stop buying things i don'y really need