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gh3 keeping the screeninformation while recording
  • Hello, Does anybody know if it is possible to keep the screeninformation while i am recording in video mode. A few seconds after starting the record button all the information on the the screen disappears. I like to see this information while recording, especially the horizontal "helplines".... Anyone?

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  • I want this information too! For me it is such a problem because I cannot see audio meters, exposure, lines, infos, nothing. I just have to keep pressing the display button if I want to know something

  • it disappears, nothing you can do about it but tap a button once in a while

  • Let's hope Vitaliy can fix that when he completes the hack.

  • @lobbes

    Good idea to use search as it was discussed and explained many times.

    No one will fix it as on OLED screen keeping this info can cause damage (burnout).

  • Well...I'm not a oled engineer but there are symbols on the screen that stay constant for 30 minutes and I haven't seen any burns yet. Like the "m"(minute symbol) or the "s"(seconds symbol). Even the minutes count stay constant for 10 minutes without burning the screen. From 10m00s to 19m59s, the first number "1" stays constant for 10 minutes. Please Vitaliy, give us this feature and let us use it at our own risk.

  • I was skeptical but I actually have burn-ins on my EVF and LCD screens! The "no flash" icon is burned in and you can see it when you are using a flash as it switches over showing hte black outline.

  • When the symbols disappear, just go with the hand near the viewfinder. The screen will go black for a second and then it will come back together with the symbols for the next 10 seconds. OK, only for 10 seconds (you can do it again then), but you do not have to touch the camera when it is on a tripod. Not ideal but a possible workaround instead of not seeing anything.