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GH4, 4K, Kowa Anamorphic Music Video
  • Like to share this one shot acoustic Music Video I created for Arctic Chanteur, North Star Blues singer, ex Madrugada frontman Sivert Hoyem. Shot with a Kowa Anamorphic.

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  • Very cool! One of my favorit singers. A good example that you dont need a big bulky Epic to do a great shot like this. The studio and lightning reminds me alot of a video i made for another Norwegian group, with the GH1, back in the days. We shot in 720p back than! haha

  • Great images. Im curious, why did you make the choice to lift the black levels? Or did you just shoot in and output to broadcast range?

  • @joetrepro. Thanks. Like mlky blacks.

  • @beeldlab Which did you do, linearly adjust the curves to max out at something like 16-235 and output to full range, or did you shoot in broadcast range, or just output to broadcast range?

  • What a beautiful sound. Ride On =)