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For Sale: like Brand New, BMPCC + 8 batteries + Metabones BMPCC Speed Booster
  • Hi all,

    As per the title, everything in like new condition:

    • BMPCC, all original packaging of course, with 8 batteries and 3 chargers (one is double) €749, Paypal included.

    • Metabones Speed Booster for Nikon lenses (G/F/Ai/Ai-s) to BMPCC, tried it only once, cost me €565, selling for €499, shipped, Paypal included.

    For anyone wanting them as a package, then €1200, shipped, Paypal included.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • The BMPCC package is already SOLD. Speed Booster Nikon --> BMPCC is still available.

  • Price of the Metabones BMPCC Speed Booster is now reduced to €450 + shipping, PayPal accepted/included.

  • Hey Yiannis, I think maybe you're not getting a lot of interest because even your 'discounted' €450 for a BMPCC Speedbooster is not a good deal. Actually, it's not even a deal at all. They are $489 USD direct from Metabones, in stock right now. As another example, there is even a local camera store very near me that has them in stock at this moment for $560 CAD (that's like €375ish). Even with Canadian taxes, buying from the camera shop would still be less than €450, plus it's a retail store, so it can be returned super easy if something is wrong. I guess I am just having a hard time understanding your prices (both what you paid, and what you are expecting). Maybe you'll get a bite, who knows, but I would be surprised. This was not meant to insult you or anything, I just wanted to offer a bit of honest advice from someone who is actually thinking of picking up one of these specific adapters. =)

  • Hi JuMo. Well, it seems that you are not well informed about/how things are working in Europe: I bought the adapter for €514+shipping from Germany, as it was the cheapest price I could get from a store in Europe. The taxes when you'll choose to import it from anywhere outside of Europe (at least here in France it's like this) are minimum €100 (the taxes that the customs will charge you) + €20 as "opening an envelope charges". Which means that even if you import it, again the adapter will cost you finally €500 (+the shipping of course). The other thing is, as I said, that the adapter was purchased from a store, comes with official receipt/warranty, so no worries for the next owner. The adapter only tested (once) on my ex BMPCC, as when I purchased it, the GH4 arrived and I decided to move there. I hope that I solve all your questions, and next time you would like to be the Robin Wood "saving" others, you should count more carefully, as your comment offended Me and My Reputation. Thank you.