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GH1 skin peeling
  • I bought my GH1 from B&H (last batch) and notice that corner starts peeling and then saw stonebat's comment and did more research and looks like it is a common problem for GH1 and G1 etc.

    Last night, I emailed Panasonic support and they told me I can send it to Panasonic US support (I am from Canada) and they can send me a refurb. unit.

    I am just wondering has anyone send in their GH1 or older G1 (having similar problem) recently? What kind of refurb. unit you are getting back? I haven't talk to live support yet, don't know who is going to pay for international shipping back and forth and worry I would get tax by Canada when shipping back to me if they don't label it as warranty replacement properly.
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  • After all day outdoor time-lapsing on a sizzling hot day, it began peeling off at the bottom of the hand grip. But I'm not returning mine for little skin off. They have nothing but refurbished ones.
  • Yeah.. maybe I should keep my brand-new to me camera instead of getting some unknown refurb. one.
  • My pany 14-140mm now has loosen zoom rubber, very annoying.