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Converting HDMI 4K to SDI signals
  • I really don't like the YAGH module and I don't feel like waiting for the Atomos Shogun to be released so I started wondering...

    Could we convert the signal in some way to SDI to use existing recorders like the Odyssey, Gemini etc?

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  • I will be receiving my GH4 this week and I am curios what you guys think would work to convert the signal into SDI 4K.

  • There is one converter I found at Blackmagic Design.... HDMI to SDI 4K...

    Could that work???

  • Here is a pic of the converter....

    898 x 403 - 64K
  • Mitch Gross stated that the Odyssey will support GH4 4K via HDMI. You would not need a converter but bring some time for the new firmware (I understand now why they named it Odyssey)

    Yes, our upcoming solution will work for both the GH4 and the A7S.

  • @peaceonearth That would be so great! Where did he say that? Is it really confirmed? Because then I would patiently wait :)