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GH4 - Best Video Settings
  • Hello all. Anxiously awaiting my GH4, I'm starting the same thread topic that I did with the GH3. At 32 pages of input and tests for the GH3's Best Video Settings, I thought it would be a good idea to do the same for the GH4. Dedicated to user input and results regarding video settings alone. Please share and post your video tests, comparisons and opinions.

    I look forward to sharing and learning from you all.

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  • I think Cinelike D at default (0000) settings is very good.

  • @AdamT Can't wait to see it for myself. Can you post a clip of your Cinelike D footage? Ungraded straight from the camera of course.

  • Neumann Films just posted this. He was saying that he wished CineD was even more LOG-like so he turned down Contrast and Saturation, in addition to the curves setting. It grades really well.

  • @SuperSet That's what I was hoping for. GH3 footage was challenging in post. Especially with a multi cam shoot using GH2 and GH3.

  • A really nice "test" by @jamesgh2

  • @maddog15

    I'm pretty sure Jamesgh2 did not shoot that, why would you think he did? All he did was post this footage who is a well known shooter Joe Simon.......

  • @FlamingArt Oh Man, my mistake. Thanks for the correction

  • Let's discuss monitor settings: Focus Peaking, for shallow DOF it seems the low setting works better than high. I'm also liking the monochrome live view to help nail focus quickly in shallow DOF. The orange focus peak stands out nicely in B+W. Not sure yet how I feel about the zebras. I tried at 100% and it still seems too sensitive.


  • @Mistas I'm waiting on my GH4 to be delivered as we speak. I'll give feedback on your question soon enough. Thanks for posting.

  • @mistas Yes Zebras seem too sensitive, going to switch to over 100% to see how that fares.

    Trying to figure out the best combination of picture profile settings. Cinelike D seems like a good starting point but the GH4 has tons of options for adjusting picture: Contrast, Saturation, Noise Reduction, Sharpness (+5/-5), Highlight/Shadow (+5/-5), Master Pedestal (+15/-15), and iDynamic if you really want to get crazy.

    Also trying to figure out the difference between recording as MOV vs MP4

  • don't know how to, neiher pull my hair RFM so here I ask. How do I shoot slow motion with 96f and time lapse 2f with gh4 -;)

  • @tinbeo for 96 fps you have to be in manual movie mode. Go into the movie menu and turn on variable frame rate. Then set the variable frame rate. That's it.

    For timelapse, turn the top-left dial all the way clockwise to get to the timelapse setting. That will bring up a new display on the rear LCD. You can touch that to get to the settings or use the menus. Set the interval and the number of frames you want to shoot. Also set the image dimensions (16:9) and size (jpeg). Hit the shutter release or the timelapse icon on the LCD to start. When it's done the camera will ask if you want to compile the images into a movie.

  • @ AdamT Option Variable Frame Rate is not lighted in my camera manual movie mode. What other setting needed to have variable frame rate showing?

  • @tinbeo Skip to about 6:20 when he talks about VFR.

  • @tinbeo I believe VFR only works on the 1080p 100Mbs modes. I think I read that a couple days ago. Apologies if I'm wrong.

  • PS. Auto focus doesn't work in VFR mode so don't freak out..... Like I did! X^D

  • maddog15 is right, VFR only works in 1080p, although it doesn't look as detailed as the other 1080p modes. Still looks good IMO. I believe there is some firmware bug there that they need to fix though as several others, including myself, have experienced lockups recording in that mode.

  • Variable Frame Rate: Slow motion is smooth. BUT VideoSpec shows max bit rate at 26.4 averaging at 20.0Mbs. (It visually looks like it without using VideoSpec.) See attached. The shot was in perfect focus but everything appears way too soft and out of focus due to this low bite rate I'm assuming. Not impressed and won't be usable for anything I want the shot to have a pro or even semi-pro look to it IMHO.

    NOTE: Shooting 1080 60p and reinterpreting the footage to 23.97 within Premiere Pro CC works beautifully.

    VBR Grab.jpg
    1915 x 1074 - 1M
  • @maddog15 what shutter speed are you using? If you're at 96fps I think your shutter speed should be 1/200 -- not 1/50-60. Your blurriness may be motion blur.

  • @AdamT When in VFR at 96fps you can't go lower than 100 on SS. (At least I couldn't) So this shot was at a SS of 100 using the 14-142 lumix lens. The camera was on a tripod so the grass at least shouldn't be so soft or "almost in focus".

  • Thanks all, found it now and why. To whom don't want loss hair -;) . To have that slow motion fancy 96 f :
    - Camera could be in any mode ( P, M, S, A, movie manual )
    - In AVCHD Variable Mode showed only in 24P, 30P
    - No Variable mode in MP4
    - in MP4 LPCM showed in 30P
    - in MOV showed in 24P only

    How we deal with focus for this fancy slow motion? Your help me fight with hair loss is appreciated -;)

  • CINE Color Profiles: All shot 4:2:0 8bit. I'm Really liking CINE D. Especially tweaked a bit. Much flatter than anything I'm used to working with from the GH2 (hacked) and GH3. Nothing like the BMPCC but great to work with in post. Plenty of dynamic range to push and pull. (Now I'm really excited to output 4:2:2 10bit when i can afford and external recorder!)

    CINE what it is. More vivid, harder contrast. That said, it's perfect for someone who doesn't want to do any post work if this is the look you're going for. It's definitely contrasty but surprisingly not so much that blacks and whites are crushed. EG: I pulled the black output up and there's still information in area's that visually appear crushed! Nice.

    CINE ComparisonSM.jpg
    1080 x 1817 - 2M
  • NR changes aren't as noticeable at 4K (3840 x 2160) as they are at 1080p. Interesting: The NR filter in camera maintains its pixel sampling size instead of enlarging the sampling size when shooting up form 1080 to 4K. So there's a much finer difference than what we're used to seeing on say GH2 or GH3 footage with the same NR comparisons. Like I said, the NR setting changes are there but not greatly noticeable when you look at the +5 and -5 sections of the image.

    NOTE: This image was reduced in size (cant post files over 2MBs) so down scaling of the image did happen which does effect the detail. Was going to put a link with the 100% size 4K file but the differences are almost unnoticeable.

    GH4 NR Test.jpg
    2160 x 1215 - 2M
  • @maddog15 Interesting results, thanks! If you have the time, can you test with a high detail scene? I thought I remember seeing more differences with my GH3 in those type of scenes vs macro/portrait.

  • @maddog15 We've seen tons of footage at 96fps, how about 84fps? Could you test at 84fps to see if it is soft like at 96? From what i see, the "softness" is comparable with the 1080p from a Canon DSLR. :)