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"Best" slider?
  • I know "BEST" can be very vague, but there is heaps of options out there and I'm not too sure which one to go with.

    Have a budget of about US$300ish or less (less is better!), I'd prefer longer the better (right?), and is able to hold the weight of an APS-C DSLR (currently I am shooting with a Panasonic GH1, but I might soon upgrade to a Nikon D5200, which is a little heavier but is still lightweight).


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  • I have a varavon s slider, along with the electric motor for powered slider moves. Can't speak highly enough of the build quality and PV have deals with them.

  • I did a video review of the heavy duty varavon ex slider with motor. Am very satisfied with it. I don't believe there's anything better for under 1000usd. MIght help to watch review-

  • I like this. iFootage Shark Slider S1

  • @IronFilm

    If you ask me - Varavon V is good. But even Lite is also sturdy.

    Shark Slider manufacturing quality is usual for iFootage and it can be good option if you need sturdy long thing that you can fit in quite small bag.

  • Am thinking now about the Konova K2 120cm? Looks like good value.

  • Are you sure about 120cm?

    Konova is cheapest (besides some China sliders, but that ones have worse feedback). They make it possible due to less diameter rods, hence cheaper parts and cheaper shipping. Can be not good idea for long slider.

  • I had that Konova and returned it. Little to wobbly, even with a payload in it's range. I actually have the Varavon S900 which is solid but I've already outgrown it's payload capacity so I'm selling it.

  • The iFootage Shark got pretty good feedback from someone on who seems to know his stuff:

  • I'm looking at the iFootage slider as well, apart from the flywheel I also like it's expandable length, but I'd like a motorised option.

    Edit: Just read on that red link that there will be an upcoming motor, unless they mean the Emotimo, interesting either way :)

  • Looked at the prices of iFootage Shark sliders, and yikes! I suffered a shark attack.

    Those prices are way outside my budget.

  • For DSLR use, just try to get a beefed up version of Varavon (or the light ones if you need something super portable)), any of those will be adequate. You will have to be careful with the rails, they can get dinged pretty easily, and rust, so try to keep it clean, oiled, etc.

    There is a reason for the higher priced ones, some of them have better motion, better design, others last longer, others are longer and take bigger payloads, etc. The iFootage is mentioned because it offers a lot at that price point and is, practically speaking, a better deal compared to the lower budget ones.