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One year anniversary!
  • Exactly one year ago first message considering Panasonic GH1 appeared on other forum.

    This year we are starting our own forum.

    With focus on content and usability. And, of course, new hack projects.


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  • Congratulations on a very sucessful first year!  I can only hope that this next one will bring continued innovations.  Good luck and God bless!
  • Without doubt :-) We have very good and big things ahead.

    it is always amazing to follow the progress, and get informations about backgrounds, experinces and expectations to future devellopments....

    even a simple "user" can be inspired by the knowledge shared, and ofcourse be better in handling the momentary hard- and software issues..



  • My task here is talk to "simple users", and hear their wishes.
  • Congratulations.

    Is there still a possibility of having the VGA 4:3 mode at higher resolutions at this time?

  • >Is there still a possibility of having the VGA 4:3 mode at higher resolutions at this time?

    I'll try to make it soon.
  • Thanks Vitaliy. In the context of all other projects, i feel like it's almost too much to ask, so thanks.
  • Congrats Vitaliy. It has been very interesting year because of GH13. It has become a medium for me to connect to family, friends, and the world.

  • >I'll try to make it soon.

    What would be nice is if the VGA mode could have its pixels set (like MJPEG has now) :
    for instance recording in VGA/1.33x at 2128x800 (2.66x), would allow us to crop to 1920x800 (2.40x) when recording with 2x anamorphic attachments. That way we would not lose any pixels like we would when recording at 1440x1080.
    But maybe SD cards will fail when trying to record 1.7MP of data?
  • Vitaly, great work, great comments — it's always interesting to follow you, even when it's not only about GH2. Great names for the projects. I'm happy that one day I ordered my camera from a farmer in Tennessee, which enabled me to join this growing community.
  • Awesome job Vitaliy. Keep it up.