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Panasonic Lumix gh2 - continuous motion picture patch
  • Is there a patch that makes the camera to record motion picture continuously?

    I, living in Norway, can only record for 29min 59sec. (This limit is an EU law has this restriction as it is a still picture camera and not a motion picture camera. Different taxes).

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  • Hei. Most of the hacks are capable of this. Some of the hacks that provides high bitrate will only work if you have high speed sd-cards like the Sandisk 95/64gb. Sanity is a good patch to start with, but do have a look around and ask questions in the various threads if you have specific questions about a patch.

  • Thank you very much Haavard. :) I tried a patch but so much trouble. Camera stops after 5-10 minutes, and/or clip can not be used in Adobe Premiere and can not be viewed in VLC. I need something simple and stable. Will try out the Sanity (...if I find it). Can you provide me with link please? :D

  • As you've discovered, the ptool software lets you override the EU time limit and at the same time, you can use it to install the patches to get better quality video. Look at FAQ at the top of any page to get more info about ptool and as @haarvard says, search the threads for specific info on the different patches (just mentioning this for any other people who find this thread and are new to this).

    Always make sure you read the ptool instructions, particularly abut using fully-charged, Panasonic batteries.

    If you have installed a patch and your camera stops it is probably the card although sometimes certain lenses or camera settings can also cause recording to stop. Sanity and Cake are two good patches which work well on most cards with most lenses.

    All patches are constantly being developed as you'll see if you read through the threads, but many of the patch authors put the latest versions of their patches on the first post. Check the whole of that patch's thread if in doubt that you have the latest versions.

  • You can keep the camera completely stock and just remove the time limit by loading the stock firmware in ptools and only changing the time limit. I did this to fit a two hour graduation ceremony on my 16GB card.

  • Thanks @mark_the_Harp and @jpbturbo! I´ll get on this! :D

  • Hi guys. I have used this setting for a while - and unfortunately I have experienced that most of the times it turns off after 34minutes despite I have hooked of for "continious motion picture" in the ptool. Why does it turn off?

    When I test it indoor all is good. It film until battery is empty. When I use it outdoor - it stops after 34min.

  • Do you simply tick the continuous motion picture only or you apply a certain patch?

    My suggestion is: Check if your sd card is slow or faulty. It is recommended that you use class 10 card with minimum write speed of 30MB/second. Also check the capacity of the SD Card. If you capture video outdoor in bright sun and using wide angle lens, then there is a chance that your GH2 eats the card capacity very fast since it will capture more details compared to indoor scene. Good Luck!
  • Using an external battery, Sanity 5.1 patch, 32 GB blue Transcend cards, Nikkor manual lens, I have been able to record live events for 2+ hours

  • It depends on your sd card's speed. But try flowmotion if no luck until now. it can record for hours.

  • I have had the same issue with Sanity. Try some 3GOP patches like GOLGOP3 from @bkmcwd. I have had great results from these. I work at 25fps for PAL broadcast delivery.