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How do I know if hack is loaded?
  • Is there a way to find out how many mbps my camera gh2 is recording at?


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    You can use this program called Streamparser to analyze video files you shoot. It will tell you how many Mbps the shot was recorded at. The regular cam has 24 or less Mbps. Most hacks will be 40 or higher.

  • or you can check for ISO limit removal or PAL<->NTSC switch or 29.99min time limit for PAL model... but simpliest way is to see what's bitrate of video files, because people hacking it just to get higher bitrates...

  • A lot of video players also tell you the bitrate during playback ie. VLC, Quicktime Player, EyeTV etc. Look for media information>statistics for VLC, Movie Inspector for Quicktime, Stream info for EyeTV, etc.

  • thanks, i'll try those players

  • Download demo Elecard streameye. It will show the bitrate, QP, matrices, etc... employed and is easy to discover which hack you used.