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Cages for GH4?
  • Anybody seen news on a suitable cage for the GH4?

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  • As far as I know some companies are working on this. I'll post as they'll have prototypes photos.

  • I would think that GH3 cages would work fine, isn't the body identical to the GH3, except for a slightly beefier grip?

  • I think you'll see most cage manufacturers jump on board now that the specs are out and the demand is so high for the GH4. There have been some suitable alternatives for the GH3, IMO, but nothing even like what was available for the GH2. Give it some time. They'll be poking their heads out fairly quickly, I'd imagine.

  • I'm hoping my Fhugen cage works on the GH4. Anyone who knows if it will?

  • @5thwall - have you found a way of mounting rails to the underneath of the cage? Thanks

  • It's virtually the same body as the GH3 so cages compatible with the GH3 should work on the GH4. I'd hold off buying a cage until the camera is out and dimensions can be confirmed. I'm definitely hopeful it'll work with Fhugen's Honu cage I use with the GH3

  • I just bought the Swedish Cameleon cage. In Germany it is much cheaper than the Woodencamera small DSLR cage and better, too. Also the German distributor Eightline is great.From my brief experience the cage is excellent. I will do a shoot with it on Friday and can share my experience if anyone is interested.

  • @mrbill the bottom of the fhugen cage has a locking pin for a standard baseplate, which I used in conjunction with the EZFoto one I purchased. This way I can unmount it from the cage and mount directly to my tripod, jib, slider etc...

  • From my brief experience the cage is excellent. I will do a shoot with it on Friday and can share my experience if anyone is interested

    @kodakmoment I'm interested :D

  • @maxr The Swedish Cameleon Cage works very well. I am able to mount a juiced link BMC388 pre-amp on the left side and still have enough mounting points for a mic and wireless receiver. This is much better than mounting all those accessories directly to the camera. The only minor problem I had is the thread on the bottom of the cage. I am using the GH3 with a Novoflex Miniconnec quick mounting system and the novoflex camera piece is very small. Due to the position of the 1/4 inch thread the camera piece sits on the edge of the cage. Therefore I need to use the novoflex miniconect base in a 90 degree angle to the cage, otherwise it would not lock securely. The 90 degree mounting works well though.

  • My personal view is that cages which do not block the handgrip of the camera are much better for hand-held operation.

  • I went with the mp-2 baseplate from pnc for mounting rails to my fhugen cage. It's a clever design, height adjustable and has a foot at the base with tripod threads in it, so you don't require a cheese plate as it's incorporated into the unit. Has a nice anti twist bar on the plate where you mount the cage to the baseplate. Well thought out and nicely manufactured.

  • Some of these cage designs seem to give absolutely zero consideration for usability. That varavon picture above has the worst ergonomics by far. The camera has a cracking hand grip built in, you dont need to re-invent it!! The Swedish Cameleon has got me so tempted, but it is way overpriced for what it is. i wish there was a cheaper alternative.

  • @kodakmoment

    I agree 100%. This is why I use a Wooden Camera cage (actually a WC knockoff) on my BMPCC.

  • Anyone seen any cages that can accommodate the YAGH brick? I don't have the brick yet, but I'd like to have the option to use it. Even the WC height adjustable cage looks a little dicey. That brick is really big.

  • Final Varavon cage




    579 x 552 - 50K
    593 x 591 - 59K
    618 x 393 - 19K
  • I've had a Custom Brackets HDV cage sitting around for a while - it seems to do the job, at least there's some hand room around the camera.

    3264 x 2448 - 2M
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • any suggestions for a cage that will also work with the varavon ex gh3 loupe?

  • I just came across this - usually these guy knock off ideas from elsewhere, but I haven't seen anything like this - pretty smart

    My problem with and cage is that I want my right hand around the camera so I've got access to the controls so I want something that can give me that room on the right side while giving some protection to the ports on the left

  • @tired

    This is Indians. Such thing is long time on the market. their problem is usually manufacturing and materials used. All of their things I had broke.

  • I do like the concept of a rig I can adapt & expand to suit different cameras & configurations though