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FS: Genus Bravo Follow Focus
  • Hi everybody,

    I am selling my Genus Bravo Follow Focus. It has done a good job over the last years but has now been replaced by a newer version.

    The dampening fluid of the FF was replaced recently and it turns buttery smooth now. The only drawback is that it has a backlash of about 20 degrees when changing focus direction. I assume this is caused by a problem inside the gear box that could probably been solved by someone with good fine mechanics knowledge. The Follow Focus is built like a tank and is in a very good condition aside from some marks and spots around the rod mount.

    I'm based in Germany and I'm asking 200€ incl. shipping anywhere in EU or 250$ + shipping for anywhere else in the world. If you've questions please send PM.

    1000 x 727 - 155K
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  • Price dropped to 170€ negotiable!

  • last chance 140€

  • Price heavily reduced: 100€

  • 20° ? are you sure? it' really a lot!

  • Probably it's a little bit less but I don't want anybody to be disappointed afterwards. As long as you don't need to change focus direction in the shot it works like it should.