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SONY VCL-ECU1 wide-angle on lumix pancakes ?
  • Any reviews on this wide-angle adapter ?
    There some bundle on ebay 14mm 2.5 + vcl-ecu1 ?
    Would this work also with 20mm 1.7 ?

    About wide-angle adapter:
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  • As I understand it won't work with 20mm.
  • Yeah it dont fit I have them both...its great on the Sony nex 16mm though.
    It seems to improves sharpness and af performance. Its like a nice cheap compact fast (ish) wide angle when combined.

    Not sure it'll even fit on the 14mm f2.5...It uses a twist lock mechanism. Not sure if the ebay sellers legit.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    thank you , i don't have any more 20mm 1.7 (sold) as i bought DG 25mm 1.4 and have 14mm 2.5.
    will test on these even different wide angle adapters ...
    There is: Digital King DSW Pro 0.7x Wide Angle Lens 52mm, good reviews ...
    Will report back.
  • Will it work with the olympus 12mm f/2?
  • @feha

    How do you like your decision to sell the 20 1.7 for the DG? I'm thinking about doing the same.

    Wide angle adapter - I was able to use my Canon .7 on my 20mm 1.7. Need to do more testing but it seemed to cover the full frame.