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Headway on Pentax K-5
  • Quite awhile there was some preliminary talk about hacking the Pentax K-5. It appears to be a really solid camera, it'd be great if it had better video options. Did anything ever come of that?
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  • Not anything worth talking about.
    I just did not have enough time to work on this.
    I'll try to return to it after some time. But can not promise anything.
  • No prob -- something about that camera really appeals to me, but I couldn't really justify getting one unless it was a good video cam. Maybe when they come out with a new model...
  • They need new Sony sensor to do this. :-)
  • K-5 has beautyfull colours and interesting digital filters for vid but resolution is not anywhere near to GH2.
  • A77 and NEX7 will be a much much better target!