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FS: Schneider Variogon 18-90mm/f2 S16/1"/BM Pocket
  • Selling my Schneider Variogon 18-90mm/f2, a c-mount zoom with full coverage of 1"/S16, in very good used state: clean glass, intact coating, perfectly working focus and aperture rings. Works very well on the Blackmagic Pocket. With 800g, it's lightweight enough to be used on the camera without additional lens support. Optically, it's better than for example Canon's V6/V7 zooms.

    Since the Pocket has been available, this lens is very sought-after, and there are even Ebay offers for $1000. So it wasn't easy for me to figure out its fair and realistic market value.

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  • @cantsin

    What filter thread's the front by chance?

  • 74mm. It's advisable to use a 74mm-to-77mm step-up ring. These are available on Ebay for about $5. -

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