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Flow Motion 2.02 Noise
  • I keep getting noise on these files. Any tips? SanDisk 32gb 95mb/s Extreme Pro 24p cinema Smooth all -2 24H f - 7.1 iso 160

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  • @ThomOswald I'm not on a great monitor at the moment, but I watched it, and I guess you're talking about the image problems on that column? (I didn't see problems anywhere else - on bad monitor so that could be it). I think what's going on with the column is "banding", not just noise. It can happen on GH2 when shooting smooth, surfaces like that in an underexposed way. I've gotten that on white/beige walls before. I believe one solution is to get proper exposure to the area when you shoot. If you search this site for "banding" you'll see discussions on it, and people also have some techniques for removing and minimizing it after the fact in editor. Good luck

  • Thanks Matt. I noticed it was actually fine after a while lol. I was just super nitpicking. You're right about the exposure though. Bad exposure can make a GH2 look like a cell phone camera.

  • If you have a curved, somewhat uniform surface, you are going to get a lot of noise with the GH2.