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Eyemo Mount to M4/3 Adapter?
  • I have a few Eyemo cameras and some nice lenses which rarely get used since I shoot hardly any 35mm film now.

    Some time ago I wrote to Ryszard of asking if he could make up an Eyemo-> M4/3 adapter. He replied:

    I think it would be possible to make an adapter for MFT system. I don't know exact technical details of Eyemo cameras so you would have to send me one lens in order to make measurement.

    He's in Poland. I'm in Aus and reluctant to post my lenses away. By some chance, does anybody live near have a lens they can show this guy?

    BTW, you can get some very good high-end lenses in the Eyemo mount, from older Cookes to modern (ex-NASA) General Scientifics. They're cheaper than some other mounts and I suspect the lack of adapters might be one reason.

    See Eyemo lenses on Ebay

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  • They are not really well known over here in Europe, you may need to send him one.

    But that Polish guy makes great stuff and is very responsive.

  • Yes he machines up some quality adapters of a similar diameter to the Eyemo. I'm tempted to send him a broken lens or even just a lens part but I'm pretty sure he'll want to try a lot of focal lengths. I'll ask him.

  • One wide should be fine – they are the most critical ones regarding flange distance.