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GH3 & FS100
  • Just curious if anyone on here knows of any comparisons between FS100 and the GH3? (personal experience included of course)

    Really interested in dynamic range between the two. I would assume the FS100 would still have the edge in lowlight performance (i.e. grain/noise) but what about other aspects like actual resolution tests/comparisons (lines resolved), Dynamic Range, Rolling Shutter, Moire, Slow-Mo, Codec, Grading Capability.

    I would assume the GH3's 50Mbps would be far superior in color grading latitude and for Green screen compositing than the 24Mbps AVCHD of the Sony? Just be interesting to see if anyone knows of any video comparisons between the two. I've got a GH3 (and a GH2) just curious if the Sony's worth the extra few $K if you don't need XLR and Super 35mm DOF and extreme low light performance. I'd apreciate anyone who could share some insight on their observed differences between these two! Thanks!

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  • I don't have much to offer in terms of personal experience, nor any links to charts giving a lot of comparisons. What I've learned has been from extrapolating results and doing indirect comparisons. But, I have been in the same place as your are, comparing these 2 camera systems over the past few months. I've read and re-read everything I could find on the Sony.

    My final opinion on the two was that the FS100 seems to be much more well-suited as a video camera... not much surprise, as it IS one. The Sony gets a lot of criticism for handling highlights, but it seemed to come from people that are comparing it to more expensive cameras. The small bit of comparison directly to the GH3 i read was (summary paraphrase) "Image quality not as good as the C100 or FS700, but definitely better than the GH2/3 - especially in low light."

    There are a lot of factors beyond bit rate, codec, etc... there are other features than make it a better vid cam than the GH3 in many situations - most are obvious and not worth retyping. I was -very- close to getting the FS100 off ebay... was planning to wait for NAB, see what happens, and then get the FS100 if Sony didn't release a comparable successor.

    But (!) - now with the GH4, I'm leaning back towards the Panasonic solution. I think the image quality will probably surpass the FS100, and it has several video features the GH3 didn't (peaking, zebras, etc). So, unless there's an FS100 v2 announced at NAB (surpassing the GH4), the GH4 is my next camera.