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Speculum (Horror Short)
  • Hello,

    this is my last shortfilm (6 minutes) Shot with GH3 lumix 12-35mm f2.8 and nokton 25mm f0,95 lens all settings -2

    Please tell me what you think.

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  • Looks great.

  • tanks Matt!

  • He, lol, i didnt know you were on this forum. I posted this video in a gh2 (moon..) topic. I liked your movie a lot! Very nice image. I saw on your vimeopage that you also have a gh2! Can you please tell me the big difference between gh2 and gh3? I want to buy one(gh2 or 3). And was this video possible with a gh2 you think?

  • Looks good. I didn't really get the story though.

  • Kenshinn, thank you! I had a GH2 for a year or so (maybe little bit longer). I really really liked it! Tested a lot of driftwood patches with it (sedna, etc etc). When the GH3 came, I thought it would be hacked soon... I was wrong :). Ik really like it to test all kind of different patches on it.

    Now, the big diffrence: I like the 1080P50. I always film on that setting (50mbs). Because: very handy for slo mo's, very sharp image, very smooth,.... After the editing i could transform it back to 25 if I would. Max iso for GH3 is 1600 for me, for an hacked GH2 also 1600. (image i still like). So no advantages there. The dynamic range of the GH3 is a bit better. BUT if i know what i now know: i should kept my gh2 (and don't buy a gh3). And I would replace the GH2 if the GH4 is on the market. So if you was me: I would buy a GH2 or wait on the GH4. If you have the money, really really GH4!!! This shortmovie was perfect possible with a hacked gh2.

    @brianl. Thank you. The story: It's kind of a loop. A guy is afraid of a demonisch thing. He think's he's hunted by it. So he tries to find who that guy/thing is. Than there is a moment where he thinks that he has found him. At the end, it seems that the one he is afraid of, is himself. It's mentally. He's affraid of himself.

  • Not bad, I think you could have done more with the aesthetic of the whole movie if you had taken everything more towards the cartoon style that is sometimes apparent (like when he enters the room), maybe go even further and exaggerate expressions, poses a.s.o. in such a style.. Not saying you should have made Sin City, but a two dimensional approach in lighting and grading could have done good to make it all a bit more congenial to the story line.. Such an approach might have made selection work and direction easier, too.

    Now I had some doubts about this guy..

  • Hi @RRRR. Thanks. Yeah, i think i know what you mean. But I don't know. The settings where a little bit fantasy, a little bit retro. Maybe I had to go more anime or more artistic yes. But I think it would be very different. The actor isn't a real actor, but I think he did a pretty good job.

  • Yes, I guess, I'd have wanted a more clear choice in terms of look, style.. and the anime thing could have fitted the plot. But, like I say, it's not bad! Keep at it!

  • It's funny that you say that by the way. Because, my other project (a shortfilm: Andromeda) was a shortfilm I wanted to make very Anime-like. But at the end, i just couldn't do it over the whole line. It was my first time when I tried something like that. And your critic on speculum is like my critic on Andromeda.

    But I think you are right about Speculum.

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