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Gh3+Film Convert book trailer
  • Gh3 Rokinon cine 16mm, 24mm, and 35mm Olympus 50-200m Zeiss Contax 85mm Pana 12-35

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  • @kupchenpo Looks great. Had a bit of trouble hearing end of her last sentence spoken, maybe that can be cleared up. But this is really well done.

  • Looks really good. What kind of film stock did you choose? How much grain?

  • @karstenj Thanks! I used FJ SuperX 400, 100% color, 20% grain.

    @matt_gh2 Cheers mate! I'll play with the audio at the end, I tweaked it already, but I think you're right, the music overpowers at the end.

  • @kupchenpo Looks really nice! how are you handling compression? I've found that I tend to lose a lot of the grain when I compress and upload to vimeo/youtube.

  • @theshittywizard Thanks man! I export h264 at min 8, max 10 though AME. The grain looks great in the export, but yeah, almost completely lost in uploads. There must be a thread going somewhere about how much grain you need to add to actually see it in an upload, and if at that point it's ruining your image or not. Right now I just aim to get it the way I want it for the export and let happen what might in the recompression. Probably not the best methodology though since I'm one of 2-3 people that ever see that file :) Have you done any testing?

  • @kupcheno I have been doing something similar with AME with the same results. Very poor grain retention.

    I've noticed that If I use more than 65% percent grain from Film Convert with my GH3 footage, I can start to see some macro blocking and general nastiness on recompression. I like to hover grain between 20 and 35% to avoid this at all costs.

    A few users on the forums here have posted custom settings for handbrake and AME that will help with IQ and grain retention.

    @Maxr gave a pretty decent rundown of his handbrake settings (and a few others) here:

    I haven't really had the opportunity to test them out as I've been getting pounded with work the past few weeks, but I hope to soon.