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First Paid work with the GH3 - Jan Wheeler: Canadian Wilderness Artist
  • Last fall, I picked up the GH3 after owning the GH1 and GH2.

    This is a promotional video I was hired to shoot for Canadian Wilderness Artist, Jan Wheeler.

    The entire video was shot with the GH3, RJ Lens Turbo FD-M4/3, Canon FD 50mm f1.4, Canon FD 24mm F2.8 S.S.C. & Konova 24" Slider.

    This was also the first shoot with my new RJ Lens Turbo and it performed AMAZINGLY as you can see!

    'Graded' with film convert pro 2.

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  • Thanks for your post. It's great to see what other forum members are doing. I bet your client was very pleased.

  • Great job shooting with the GH3 @tylerknight images are beautiful, and the color grading nicely done.

  • Thanks @DanPV and @TrackZillas!

    She was very happy with the final product as I had hoped.

    I was really impressed by filmconvert once you spend some time tweaking the settings and don't just rely on the presets.

    The RJ lens turbo with my FDs really seemed to shine as well as I was really worried about the corner sharpness but they came out sharp as a tack as far as I could tell!