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Longest lens supportable with a video monopod?
  • Hey all!

    What do you think is the longest lens you can use with a video monopod? I am thinking of getting a mogopod, custom setup, Benro or Manfrotto. I have a standard footless monopod and I get some pretty unstable shots with a 135mm m42 lens. I am doing event videos with this setup, mostly wedding stuff, so being able to get some length would be really nice.

    First time post, sorry if I screw something up.

    Here's the sort of thing I would like to do:

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  • A lightweight tripod with a quick release and adjusting ball head or small video head with bowl mount will be much better and just as mobile. Monopod is practically useless for video especially with 135mm as you have discovered.

  • If you mount some light handles to neutralize the rotational wobbliness and use a stabilized lense you can go pretty far, but it also comes down to your ability in operating that set up. But I've only used a monopod in hectic run and gun scenarios, wouldn't recommend it in more controlled scenario.

  • Ok. How long do you think i can get without IS? I am considering adapting an m42 lens.

  • I personally try to never shoot beyond 85mm with a good video monopod but have done up to 135mm (on C300). Last year I shot some award show redcarpet stuff handheld with a shoulder rig at 85mm @ 1.2 and when I nailed it the look was gorgeous but there were so many ruined shots due movement/focus issues. Anything 100mm and above is tripod only for me unless absolutely needed mobility than a good video monopod. I would never think of going handheld.

  • With OIS lens like Pany 14-140 you will have better results stability wise, especially if combined with a cheap rig like the one posted below and mount a monopod under the rig ( shoulder pad optional).

    I have used this setup, the mono pod can also be shortened and supported in a belt cup for mobility, but the same thing can also be done with a lightweight tripod mounted to the rig and gives you other options like using two legs and doing slider type moves etc.

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