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LEDLightSheet 95CRI testing
  • Gabrielle at was kind enough to send me some samples of their 95CRI LED Light Sheet

    Over the weekend I made some tests by photographing a small painting under Sun, Shade and the 3100K and 5200K samples. I believe that they tested rather well.

    Full test and comments here:

    I might make an enquiry as to how much a 800mm square section would cost.

    Images are SUN SHADE 3100K-Corrected 5200K-Corrected 3100K-Raw 5200K-Raw

    640 x 461 - 67K
    640 x 447 - 66K
    640 x 442 - 61K
    640 x 456 - 62K
    640 x 442 - 60K
    640 x 456 - 64K
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  • Here's a still life test image:

    And the packaging ... I've made enquiries about cost - not got a reply yet.

    1024 x 698 - 195K
  • @andyharris interesting find! Having a 1m x 1m LED sheet would make a very diffused light source, good for pleasing portrait shoots.

    Can you test it with human skin/a face please ;-)

    Can you give some more details about size and price range? (And how to buy them - I can't find any information on that side as how to get the sheets.)

  • Checked out the tech specs.. I had the same idea as them a while back: they use led strips around the edges of a vinyl with particles and a reflective coating on one side.

    The "downside" is that you will loose a lot of light on bigger sources. (the bigger the source, the lower the instance output over the surface). Interesting product however, and could make for some gorgeous wrapping light. Having a few pieces of 1 x 1m + a bunch of smaller pieces of around 10x10cm for practicals would be nice.

    If they could outfit them with the latest cree chips (pack some more punch) then larger sizes, like 2x3 meters would very, very interesting as an all-purpose soft light..

  • @Psyco So here is the portrait test I made:

    I'm still awaiting cost details.

    946 x 1024 - 175K
  • @andyharris

    I´d say the quality of light is far more pleasant than normal led panels.. I too wrote about pricing and some other stuff. (ordered the sample)

  • @andyharris Yeah man, these look pretty good. How do you order a sample?

  • @vicharris I sent an email to :

    Gabrielle Catlow got back in touch. We've had a 10 minute conversation, I think they are more into civil works than video/photography but they were good enough to send a sample!

  • Skintones look good - some pricing estimates would be very interesting.

    And if they are "not so into video" - they are missing out on a market with a lot of money;-)

  • I got some pricing estimates. 6 pieces of 50x50cm high CRI 5200k panels with a unit price of £141.46. 100x100cm panel for 366.52 / unit.

  • I did some tests with the fs700 and the sample. 200 frames/s works like a charm, meaning this certainly is suitable for high speed shooting as well.

    I've figured out a good starting point for a lighting kit and will work on getting a good price and see if there are any possible tweaks they want to do. When I get the kit I'll look into expanding and simplifying it's practical use in different ways...

  • @RRRR Do you know how many lumens one light sheet puts out?

  • I saw they do a circular one. Might make the basis for a ringlight? @andyharris love that portrait. Also I guess they could be tweaked to run on batteries?

  • @T1000 as they do variable sizes, light intensity too changes... Order a sample! (you just need to pay for shipping)

    @Mark_the_Harp, should work (ringlight), not sure it's the best application for this, but it should work. And yes, they run on 12 volt.

  • What is the size of the sample?