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True Detective (TV Series)
  • It's just amazing.

    Let's have a topic about it!

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  • I've been appreciating it too, I'm very curious about their lighting: it's got a super gritty, minimalist and realistic feeling to it, which has me wondering how much natural light with bounces, etc they used. So far, I'm also really digging the performances. The whole feeling of the series is closer to that of cinema than TV, in my personal opinion, which I'm loving.

  • So far only saw the first episode.. not too impressed. Didn't like the dialogues/monologues, McConaughey is really annoying, and I don't know how his character could ever make detective with his attitude. Also is this the same killer from 'harpers island'?

  • @robertGL

    I think that the monologues are one of the best things there, and McConaughey's performance is one of the best I've seen recently, especially the interview scene in present time.

    As the story goes, Rust Cohle has previously been in Narcotics, and he has been on an undercover mission for quite some time as I understood it. He got seriously addicted, the job totally fucked him up, and the police somehow owned him one, they couldn't just let him go, and he chose to transfer to homicide, also he was very good as a detective. Other cops hate him and his attitude, but they can't touch him on any level.

    Performances are the best part for now, but also cinematography @JuMo. It was shot on Kodak Vision 3 5203 and 5219 stocks. Also, for the scenes in '95 they used some Panavision lenses from 1970s, it seems that the washed out, low contrast look was aimed for and achieved right in the camera. The present time scenes are shot with modern lenses.

    We'll see how the story progresses, hopefully it will work, and not get into cliches. Now it's two weeks wait, wtf is that anyways?

  • Mmmm Vision 3.... I love it almost as much as Vision 6.... almost.

  • I really love the writing on this show. Great dialogue and delivered by two great actors. I'm hooked.

  • I'm a little tired of the weird serial killer genre, but I'm digging the show. Sorta reminds me of The Killing. Which was very solid. (Not sure if it's coming back) McConaughey is finally living up to some of his early career hype as being the next Newman or whatever. He almost killed his career off as an actor with crappy rom coms. His last 2-3 years have been excellent.

  • The tracking shot from episode 4 - just extraordinary

  • This series is fantastic. Screenplay and dialogue are absolutely amazing

  • Fifth episode was my favorite of the whole series so far. I am extremely impressed with this show.

  • I only watch it for Alexandra Daddario. Wowzers!

  • Up there with "The Wire"

  • That tracking scene was amazing. This is some of the best work that's ever been done for television. TV has now surpassed conventional commercial filmmaking for quality writing and stories, by a wide margin.

  • TV has now surpassed conventional commercial filmmaking for quality writing and stories

    The reason is pretty simple. TV -- at least some corners of it -- is above all a writers' medium, unlike either commercial filmmaking or so-called American indies, and draws on people who can actually write, who often come to the work from the novel, rather than from the screenplay or "movie" business.

  • It's not surprising a better story can be told over 8 hours of TV than 2 hours of a movie. So much more time to develop characters and story.

  • Interview with Nic Pizzolatto

    Three years ago, Nic Pizzolatto was an assistant professor of literature at DePauw University in Indiana, a job he "fell into" rather than loved, and one he was desperate to escape. Television seemed like an impossible dream. "The idea was ludicrous," he says. "I grew up in a working-class Catholic family in south Louisiana. I went to a state university. I taught literature, wrote a novel that was the novel I wanted to write and got a couple of good reviews but no real traction. I had no idea how to get a job in TV."

  • Started to see it today. Amazing.

    And found a little error by the production: the camera that are used to record the interviews for both the cops is a NEX-5r (identifiable for the details in the grip, by the strap lugs, and the position of the image in the LCD), which was announced in August, 2012 - and date in these scenes are in May, 2012. :)

  • Hahah. Maybe the police got pre-production one to test it :)

  • @robertGl

    "So far only saw the first episode.. not too impressed. Didn't like the dialogues/monologues, McConaughey is really annoying, and I don't know how his character could ever make detective with his attitude."

    First time i post a Dragon footage, your reply was: "Meh".

    Now we are speaking about a masterpiece in scriptwriting, shooting, editing and actor's performances, and you are finding all of this "annoying".

    I don't want to open a worm can here, given your negative attitude on almost everything good, but it would be useful to see a thread, opened by you, with things that you like and movies, dialogues, tv series that catch up with your taste. Just to realize why you are so negative towards some things.

    Critics must be constructive, i find the nihilism very near to the nonsense.

    No offense, i think some tips about what you like can be useful, just to understand "particular people's point of views" in a constructive way.

  • Most of the shots are 35mm kodak film with few digital exceptions. Nice description of lens used.

    Arkapaw shot primarily on 35mm film—Kodak Vision 3 50D and 500T—and used two different sets of lenses to help differentiate the two time periods. He used Panavision PVintage optics—rehoused Panavision Ultra Speed prime lenses—for the main portion of the story and regular Primo primes for the contemporary portions. “It’s about recalling the past,” the cinematographer explains, “so we wanted all that footage to be shot through something suggesting a thin veil of time. Those older lenses are a little softer, less contrasty and [capture] a little less color.”

  • @LongJohnSilver

    It is not a 50 pages thread, only few posts up there is that same information you have posted.

  • @inqbt8tr I see what you mean...

    Is there something that is gnaw at you?

    BTW you did not reference any source... Just get a life

  • No, I'll get a life eventually, just it's annoying to just pop in the thread and drop a line or two regardless of what has been already talked about. You are welcome to join the conversation but try to check out where it got by now.

  • @Jean71 why are you so upset by my opinion of the show? I could go into detail why I find the show pretentious and overrated, but that would take extra work, and it would accomplish nothing because fanboys will never accept any criticism that makes their beloved show seem less than what they believe it to be