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TrusMT larger matte box
  • Just had word from Julie in TrusMT that they will be releasing a larger Mattebox with a rear opening of up to 140mm at the end of September.

    This is fab news for those of us who use lenses bigger than the 100mm max on current models.

    I've asked to be kept up to date so as soon as I know more I'll post.

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  • @o2x

    You must remember that you need filters suitable for such matte box.
    And they are costly and rare.
  • Wow, I just ordered a TrusMT matte-box, but luckily I wouldn't need 4x5.6 filters anyway...
  • I'm actually happy with the pro aim one, sure you have to tighten the crap out of it and it doesn't swing away...big whoop... it takes 30 seconds longer to change a lens..but for the price,... it's really good I think. Plus I was able to get a Lee .9 ND filter for only 100 bucks too, so it worked out.
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Indeed. But if anything I'd buy a set of NDs and if I needed any others I'd hire. All hire places will stock 4x5.65 as they are standard size for the bigger cams.

    I shall still see if a good deal could be had tho. Besides. This new TrusMT could be prohibitively expensive too. Especially if it's marketed as a viable alternative to Redrocks and Chrosziel 19mm systems.
  • I think a lot of this mattebox are oversized for DSLR.
  • For DSLR, 3x3 matte box with 85mm or smaller filter would be ideal. Plus swivel hinge, built-in flags, strong build. Yeap a smooth rotating filter holder. Of course at affordable price.

    But there seems no such thing.
  • @stonebat

    Don't say too soon :-)
  • Stop teasing us!!!

    But it would be no brainer to get such 3x3 matte box. Good 4x4 filter is $$$.
  • >Good 4x4 filter is $$$.

    We are working on this also with few different approaches.
  • Reposting from weekend deals. Sorry @vitaly for posting in the wrong category.

    @stonebat @Roberto

    I have the Trusmt Matte box. I'm overall happy with the construction, but I've run into two problems.

    One is what @Roberto mentioned in his review above... The filter holders are too big for 4x4 filters. What I've found is that you must remove the pin that prevents the sliding bit at the top from falling out. Once done, then the filter holder will properly "grab" the filter. This is ridiculous though, as the tiny little piece is small and easy to lose. I feel they definitely overlooked a design flaw on that one.

    The other thing I want to bring up is the pin that holds the filter spring itself. Not only is it small and easy to lose, but it is also a very thin piece of metal. One of mine broke and to prevent the spring from getting lost, I have to gaff the spring in place.

    I have just contacted Trusmt about this last night and await a response. I've searched their site but can find no mention of replacement or updated filter holders.

    @stonebat Does the Cinematics MB have the same issues? I've noticed it has a similar design to the Trusmt in that the spring is kept in place by a pin on the side, rather than on top (like Crosziel or Red Rock).



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  • The filter holders on cinematics MB are large enough to fit 4x4 filters, but there is a problem with filter thickness on normal tiffen filters. The part on your last photo is just a little to small to slip over the them (dunno how to explain better). So the filter will not be secures when you take it out of MB.

  • The filter holders are too big for 4x4 filters

    Most probably you mean that they are small for 100x100 filters :-) As for 4x4 they are usually ok.

  • @vitaly Regarding 4x4 filters not fitting in the tray, let me clarify.

    Using a trusmt D100MB2-AL swing away matte box you must remove the pin from the filter holder in order for the tray to properly hold the filter. If you simply pull the pin up and place the filter into the tray, the filter will fall out as the grabber doesn't move far enough to grab the filter.

    I consider this to be a design flaw. Reason being the pin is too small and easy to lose or break -the threaded part of the pin is a small piece of metal. Why they didn't make the filter trays like the ones where the pin goes straight up (at a 90 degree angle to the filter) doesn't make any sense.

    If you look at BH's list of filter trays for sale, you will notice that nearly all of them place the pin at 90 degree to the filter versus the parallel mode that most of the chinese and korean makers use.

    In the photos you can see that without the pin in place, the grabber is touching the filter properly. Without the pin there is enough space that the filter can fall out. Already broke a Schneider tru pol that way :(

    You can also see in the first photo the pin that broke.

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  • TrusMT is not designing or making filter stage.
    If you look closely, all, but Tilta, seems to be using same supplier who makes few models of filter stage (including holders).

  • The Cinematics mattebox has some similar issues. It holds my 4x4 filters, but not very secure.

    The filter holders do look very similar to yours.

  • @vitaly Good info. Thanks. I've looked at the Tilta MB but always seem to miss them on ebay.

    @Psyco Thanks for the answer. I was afraid of that.

    Waiting to hear back from trusmt regarding the replacement pin and grabber.

  • @vapourtrail

    Did you ever get anywhere with TrusMT? I'm experiencing exactly the same issue at the moment. 4x4 and 100mm should be able to be used interchangeably. Every other mattebox I've ever used has accepted both 100mm and 4x4 (strictly 102mm). This thing is designed for 102mm only, and the 100mm just fall out.

    Will have to have a good think around how to remediate this. Any ideas?

  • Every other mattebox I've ever used has accepted both 100mm and 4x4 (strictly 102mm). This thing is designed for 102mm only, and the 100mm just fall out.

    Most chinese MB filter holders will have same thing, they are not designed for 100x100mm filters.

  • Better get the super glue out on my £40 each filters then :| :)