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Fotodiox slider
  • Fotodiox Pro SlideCam 600 - 24"

    Same naming scheme and specs as the Varavon sliders but with different legs and lower price. Does anyone know if this slider is any good?

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  • Damn, looks like they copied it for sure. I have a Varavon with these legs but wish it had the newer ones.

  • @chopnshoot

    Nope, that I see is cheap Chinese slider present in internal Chinese market. Made as visual copy of early Varavon slider.

  • think its unusable? can this same slider be bought for cheaper somewhere else? haven't seen a roller bearing slider of this size come in at this price before.

  • @chopnshoot

    We had one of cheap slider on deals, and it was better than this one.

  • Can you point me to that slider? what was the brand? I'm looking to buy something for a project coming up soon. how can you tell its better based off the pics?


    how can you tell its better based off the pics?

    I mostly ask Chinese guys who tried stuff. :-)

  • Didn't look like they guy who bought that slider had a good experience. Not sure how the pics of that slider prove better quality. I'm no expert in sliders so pardon my ignorance.

  • Didn't look like they guy who bought that slider had a good experience.

    Thing is, cheap sliders often come without proper bearing settings, it is that he wrote. Period.

  • Okay I pulled the trigger on this slider. My first impression out the box is that its a solid slider. I've worked with Kessler, Konova, Varavon and IndiSlider before. I'd put this right below IndiSlider and below the current Varavon. Never the less its a solid piece. Shipped as is, the bearings need a bit of adjusting which I will do tomorrow as soon as I can get my hands on some needle nose pliers.

    Amazon messed up my order for and my fluid head didn't arrive with the slider. I should have that Monday I guess. By then I should the bearing adjustment situated. Having played with it for a couple of minutes one thing is very noticeable, the slider is very loud. I shoot music videos mainly so the sound isn't a big deal for me but if you're doing a fast slide, this thing is going to make some noise. I'm not sure if the bearing adjustments will fix that or not.

    Below is a quick test video I did with the NEX 5n. In the test I let the slide bump the edges to visually show I traveling the full length at pretty consistent speed. In this test this the how the bearings were without adjustment. I'll post a full adjusted video in a couple of days.