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Travel tripod/monopod with Fluid Head
  • I'm looking to use a Manfrotto 502HD head or something similar on a mefoto travel tripod (benro). I want it to be lightweight for traveling but sturdy enough to use a BMPCC or a GH3 on it and still get smooth tilts and pans for narrative and documentary filmmaking. Will this combination work and/or does anybody have any other suggestions? Thanks


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  • The 502 is pretty big, I wouldn't consider it for a strictly-travel setup. I think the 701 is more travel-sized and is more than enough for a m4/3 body.

    As for those legs, they look the same or similar to a MeFoto/Benro set I looked at in a local camera store. I was disappointed in how flexy they were, but they did fold up really small.

  • Get Manfrotto 701 HDV and 190xpro legs to match.

  • For such low weight scenarios I like the Manfrotto 128RC head. It´s lightweight, compact and smooth to operate (using it since years). (And I am recommending it, altough I am not THAT of a Manfrotto fan ^^.) But only usable very good in the max. 1->2kg range. Optimum is around 1kg.

    As legs I would choose a Benro A3580T or A4580T "classic" tripod. (They are folding down very well, are quite stable and you can "lock" the 128RC on them). Btw.: I am using actually the 128RC with an A2570T tripod as a lightweigt 2nd tripod system. It´s nearly a little bit too lightweight but stable enough with a (not too heavy) bag on it´s hook ^^. But if you can invest a few bucks more, get the A3580T or even better the A4580T. (Or if you really want something "rock stable", check out the Sirui M3004X.)

    Btw.: The Benro tripods are also available as "clip lock" editions. (For example: A3580T = screw locks & A3580F = clip locks.)

  • @MaulKentor

    Just check other topics in

    Main principle is to get legs with high diameter carbon tubes. And with reasonable price. This makes Manfrotto not an option.

  • Primer of sturdy and light system (new series of NEST tripods and their small new fluid head):



    800 x 507 - 84K
    545 x 365 - 26K
  • Need a good bang for your buck video tripod. Benro Aero s4"? I'm shooting with Samsung nx500 with the pro lens 16-50mm f2-2.8. Lens weighs 1.38 pounds. Zomei? Aluminum is okay. Require video head. Leaning toward Benro Aero4