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Virtual mikes system. Is this too good to be true?
  • Is this scientifically possible ? I'm not an expert on this by any means, just like to see what you guys think about this


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  • Microphone arrays are interesting; however, this is not a big array array, and as such is nothing you could not do with any mic and a plugin. The reason a mic is good is because of the R&D put into the design, and then how it is made. Anything that looks like a beercan is not the product of decades of R&D, unless it is a beer company.

  • It's entirely possible IMO to imagine that a system could be created that would allow a company to mimic the way different microphones and or preamps behave. I'd try to get a test of the gear in a shop before buying or if they have a generous return policy give it a try. Classic gear has been studied to death over the decades and engineers know a LOT about how those classic units do what they do. It's not magic.

  • Holy good crap! Is this guy for real? I mean, not the product but the arrogant dick presenting it, what a class-a douche-bag; the guy's like the Ron Burgundy of the audio world.

  • @spacewig

    Don't go to persons, keep discussing product.

  • Product seems very interesting. Looking forward to reading some hands-on reviews, though, as I just can't watch the whole video.

  • @spacewig I doubt that the hardware is true class A, probably surface mount.

  • I doubt that the hardware is true class A, probably surface mount.

    What is "true class A" in your understanding?

  • I wasn't referring to the hardware. Furthermore, class A has nothing nothing to do with component layout but the quiescent currents of the transistors in the amplifier. That an SMT device can't operate in class A is patently false.

  • Geez you guys, it was just a joke, referring to your "Class A d*b".

  • Oops... My apologies, lol, and touché