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Editing surround with headphones
  • Hello, i recently saw that 5.1 and 7.1 headphones do exist, so i was wondering if anyone has some experience editing video with them i´m mean most of the surround headphones that i have seen have usb connection so, is that a problem for NLE software or they work just fine, does anyone has tried this??

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  • This one is simple.

    And forget about 7.1 stuff, they are mostly crap. Get good set of monitoring headphones and some of surround plugins for your DAW.

  • the video on the link is interesting, but I guess, what i´m asking is, the other channels of the 5.1 headphones appear on the nle?, am i able to route them properly?

  • Huh, you need NLE that supports it (it can be panning of individual track in space or such). And export sound in proper format (DD, DTS, etc).

  • ajjajj, sorry, my confusion was with the usb... but i have just found a headphone set that can access the sound card, so nevermind :)