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Lens firmware updates (8, 14, 14-42, 100-300)

    8, 14 :
    - Reduced sound of auto focusing in video recording.

    14-42, 100-300 :
    - Enhanced stability of O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer) in video recording.
    - Reduced sound of auto focusing in video recording.

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  • very cool! got both lenses and will update em asap. thanks for the him lenuisible.
  • @lenuisible

    Looks like Panasonic focused on video mode.
  • Are lens firmware updates independent of the body firmware? Or are they one and the same?

    UPDATE: So it's clear from the file names and sizes the lens firmware is just that. Should we expect any strange interactions between new lens firmware and hacked GH2 firmware?
  • @sam_stickland

    No. This is lens firmware.
  • Thanks for the interesting news!
    Firmware is put in GH2 or lens?
  • The instructions are in the link on top. The firmware is for the lens, but you will have trouble "putting it" in the lens without a camera :)
  • I mean that changes are made to the lens and not in the body GH2?! Otherwise, no washed produce a separate update for each lens.
  • As it will work with any m43 camera, I highly doubt that anything is changed on the camera itself
  • This update was reported also for the Lumix 45 - 200 f4-5.6, but as yet has not appeared on the Panny website.
  • Question:
    How can I determine the current lens firmware versions on camera?

    From what I gather by reading the instructions is to go through the steps and if you do net get the option to upgrade, then you have either the same or newer lens version in camera. Is this fucking correct?
    Is there any easier way to view current installed lens firmware?
  • Just check in setup menu the version disp.
    There's body and lens firmware.
  • The same thing that shows the camera's firmware version also shows the firmware version for the currently mounted lens.
  • Thank you gizmo and Chris!
  • Just checked, the 45 - 200 was already updated some time back, this update is only bringing the others up to scratch. This makes 7 lenes in all with step less aperture and improved ois
  • @Rambo Does the firmware add stepless aperture? I could only find references to improved OIS/focussing.
  • @Ptchaw Apparently only in any auto mode.
  • @Rambo I did some tests and swear the jumps in aperture are less noticable than they were in auto/shutter priority on the 14-42. It's still quite noticable though, definitely not stepless.

    @Sam_stickland I updated the 14-42 with a hacked GH2, worked fine for me.
  • I also did test on new lens firmware. Slight improvement in stepping f stops. A little smoother but not stepless.
    autofocus still not consistant.
  • See this. Someone tested out Lumix 14mm after the firmware update. Almost stepless aperture change on GF3. GH2 shows some stepping. Hopefully the upcoming new firmware improves it.