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Movie posters you like
  • Hi there there community =)

    This is very simple idea: hang/upload/embed a picture of a movie poster you like


    A - The movie can be a piece of shit or a masterpiece, doesn't matter, what matters is that YOU like the poster

    B - 1 movie poster at the time

    You see, simple idea, now let's see about outcome, je je
    BTW remember there's no point bringing a whale into Vitaliy bathroom :P - 800px wide is more than enough

    As always, I'll brake the ice


    Yen Tan design for Nor'easter / 2012 • IMHO not worth the watch, even if a 20$K Kickstarter financed film


    480 x 720 - 59K
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  • 'Blood Simple' - Coen Bros

    This is one of a few. The boots in the bottom right hand corner is what makes this! ;) Correction I thought they were Marty's snakeskin cowboy boots but I think they're actually a pair of fish (relevant to the story anyway)


    750 x 557 - 244K
  • Double thank you @pundit as I didn't know this film by the Coens =)

    This is one of my all time favs


    Sam Smith's design for Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Welt am Draht / 1971

    492 x 720 - 36K
  • @maxr Blood Simple is the Coens first movie and one of my favourites! If you haven't seen it you're in for a treat!

  • This is a bit off-topic, but if you don't know them you HAVE to take a look at Polish movie posters. Some pretty incredible and fantastic stuff!

  • @pundit "you're in for a treat!" I love that phrase in english, it is sooo exciting, specially looking at the poster with the boots the shovel and that thing down left, je je, cheers

    @fablo Everything's offtopic, I want that as my epitaph :P
    Thanks for the links bro =) It's very interesting to understand why the posters (the imaginary) were/are different, I don't mean just the economic reasons. Like in Check Republic, it's amazing the care and investment (in quality) in/for the child universe... no wander they such prolific on animation.

    Now, care to pick one you like?

  • Needs no introduction...

    632 x 960 - 85K
  • Finally getting a proper release in the States...

    649 x 960 - 108K
  • @BurnetRhoades very very nice, the BR one is almost too much, je je. Thanks
    If you want you can display the full image, just for forumners convenience ,-)


    861 x 455 - 51K
  • I love that World on a Wire poster too! I should finish watching the movie, I started it during a weekend when Criterion releases were being shown for free on the Hulu pay service, but I only watched half and then it wasn't free anymore. I haven't seen this movie yet but it seems like a riot. Though I actually bought it as a gift for someone who I knew would like it.image

    600 x 869 - 60K
  • Black Frankensteinimage

    358 x 500 - 69K
  • @Alienhead Oi bacano, tudo joia?!!! I have this thing with Fassbinder, Tarkovsky and others - don't know why - that I promised myself to only watch their films projected on the screen. Great poster BTW. Abraço

    Witold Dybowski rendition of Alien

    other version, include this and yet this nice one

    @DanPV jajaja great great hard-on-fear exploited poster, can only start to imagine a 70's black frankestein context story XD

    706 x 1024 - 102K
  • image
    by Alex Pardees

    this guy has some gruesome nice stuff:


    750 x 997 - 854K
  • image
    by BLT Communications

    BTW this Alexander Payne's film is superior workmanship, from all POVs. Gorgeous B&W, perfectly paced and edited, beautifully framed (as in "reality beautiful"), fantastic performances, specially Bruce Dern and June Squibb. Truly best old fashioned (and here is all good about all fashion) storytelling... and damn funny too.

    As Woody, the protagonist, my father was an alcoholic and pretty stubborn too... and, also as in the film, over his final dusk we got to do and share some stuff together, have fun and know each other a bit. That's what I will keep as the memory of him =)

    800 x 1249 - 173K
  • Chinese are very explicit sometimes literal, not easy to find film poster I really like, still this one I do =)
    From 1983 Ga joi Heung Gong • Home at Hong Kong • couldn't lock authorship

    Home at Hong Kong (1983).jpg
    800 x 525 - 52K
  • @maxr You may like movie called Drew: The Man Behind The Poster. It's a doc about Drew Struzen who did a lot of Hollywood movie posters. I saw on Netflix and available other places I'm sure. 1st half of this doc is pretty cool - gets boring in 2nd half.

  • @matt_gh2 I'll totally check it out, report back and if I don't like it you'll feel pain at night, ja ja ajajaj
    Thank you Mattu =) This one is for you, a very nice chinese chan style poster
    Fu rong zhen, 1986 • Hibiscus Town • couldn't lock authorship

    Hibiscus Town (1986).jpg
    800 x 1139 - 101K
  • image

    Dawn of the Dead (int. Zombi), 1978 • couldn't lock authorship

    There's several versions with mainly changes in title colour, personally like this one better.

    800 x 1211 - 155K
  • Yeah, I always liked that one too. I remember seeing a teaser for it that was mostly motion graphics using the artwork from that poster and "the Voice". So simple yet effective and very true to the times.

  • One of my favorite movies and posters too

    in the mood for love.jpg
    1130 x 1600 - 410K
  • @Aksel incredible mood and fine OST too =)
    Personally I can relate better to the excitement in older Karwai's, i.e. Chungkin Express (which should have a 2nd title as Pineapple Sweat :P) and my fav Fallen Angels

    I found latest Jarmush's with same languor but with genius humour... just the vamp ice cream
    Criterion's version it's also very nice. All goodio


  • I like this poster so much I bought 2 of them lol they're somewhat hard to find, and this is a pretty good deal for one on ebay.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup that's a big poster ,-) what a pity about Brandom. I always liked this one and this fake other is also nice


    Evil Dead, 2013 - though a depart from the ED trilogy (bye bye humour) much more scary, that last scene with the chainsaw it's no sugar-coated pure glorious gore!!

  • The poster is ten times better than the actual film. I was totally disappointed in virtually everything about this film. The marketing team did a much better job than production, even though their pants are enveloped in nuclear flames.

    Great poster though.

  • That's totally understandable. I try to keep spectations to minimum possible, just a notch over comatose :P
    Before going to abstract colourful world


    Bela Tarr's A torinói ló, 2011 - old fashion negative posterisation at its best =)

    Though a friend offered me the BD version, haven't seen it yet, saving it for a rainy day, hopefully can catch it first in cinemateque

  • image

    I also like most of the dark knight trilogy posters