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Hawaii trip shot on a GH3
  • Hey, I travelled as far away from Sweden as I possibly could, brought my GH3+25mmPanasonic/Leica1:1.4 and did some filming using the 40% mode on the islands of Hawaii. I just wanted to share the footage with you. I'm no professional or anything, but I had a great time shooting and hopefully that shows! :)

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  • Wow, beautiful stuff!! If I can only pack one native lens to join my GH3 on a trip its always the PL25. Just an all-around, super-versatile lens. Its not just the gear that makes this vid nice though... it's the story of people living in the moment and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Always interesting to see your home spots from someone else's perspective. Nicely done. Looks like you had an awesome time and covered at least 3 of the islands. Thought there was some Big Island stuff as well, but wasn't 100% sure on that one. Loved the song choice.

  • Thanks alot guys! We went to Oahu, Big Island, Maui, and Kauai. Wish I could have stayed longer and gone to the smaller ones aswell, but It's nice to have something to return to in the future :)

  • Really liked it! We went to Maui and Kauai for our honeymoon. Going back for the 10th anni in only 18 months!! Taking two kids this time. mixed feelings from ugh to FUN! :)

  • Haha thanks! :)

  • 6 minutes not wasted :) riktigt skön!

  • Six minutes is a long time, but I honestly felt like it needed to be like this to get the right feeling across. Thanks!

  • @gh2simon wonderful video. If you are not a professional you should seriously think about becoming one, because you have a great eye for framing and editing also. Panasonic should use this video as an ad for the GH3.

  • Beautiful. Brought back wonderful memories when my wife and I visited the same islands. thank you.

  • @flablo That is a nice thing to say! :D Thanks alot man.

  • And thank you! @v10tdi