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$50 (3G)HD-SDI to HDMI converter (quick review)
  • Just thought I would give a quick "review" of an SDI to HDMI converter that just arrived. And by review I mean: List my equipment and say if it works or not with that combination. I couldn't find anything on this particular el cheapo one when scanning the forums so here we go!

    It came without a box, just a padded envelope. The converter and the power supply was wrapped in plastic. The power had an american socket and and type f adapter (just what we use in Sweden). Input voltage is 5-12v.

    According to the eBay seller I ordered from (and the manual that came with it) it said to support the following input/output resolutions:

    • 480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i @ 50/59,94/60
    • 1080p @ 23,98/24/25/29,97/30/50/59,94/60

    On the BMCC 2.5K MFT + Zacuto EVF 1080i50/60 worked fine, so did 1080p25/29,97/30. 23,98 and 24p did not. I got "unsupported format" on the Zacuto display (latest firmware).

    No big deal for me since I'm shooting 25p, but people who need an adapter and shoot 24p to use with their Zacutos, beware.

    EDIT: 23.98 and 24p works on the converter. Hooked it up to my Samsung TV and sure enough, I get an image. Which is weird since the Zacuto manual states 1080p24. Time to contact them.

    I can also add that audio passes trough and I get metering on the EVF.

    For the money I'm not gonna complain and this will do till I can afford an Alphatron or whatever comes out this year that I will settle on. It's light and will stick easily on your rig with some velcro.

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