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Looking for high, sturdy and stable stands for mounting projectors + more
  • This is somewhat of a tangent but I have a feeling some of you might have good tips for me. I'm a media artist and in 1 of my main projects I use 3 or 4 projectors and motion tracking camera's mounted on DIY stands at about 1,80m height. Attached are pics of one stand.

    The components of these stands are large and heavy to transport and slow to assemble. I'd like to improve that situation and am looking into foldable camera/light/speaker stands. Main issue is that they have to be extremely stable. My system requires very precise calibration of projectors and cameras. Once set it shouldn't move by the slightest amount. All light and speaker stands that I have seen so far have a certain amount of play in them so wouldn't be usable.

    The big and heavy Manfrotto camera stands look like they would fit the bill well, though that's a costly solution: in combo with something like for easy positioning (would have to work out a way to connect the beamers to the head, obviously the half-couplers I have now won't work)

    Do you guys have other ideas for me?

    667 x 1000 - 112K
    1000 x 667 - 101K
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  • Hello!

    I used to had the representation of Fogscreen a tech that used 6k, 15k, projectors for its main purpose. For stands i bought LIGHT or LARGE SPEAKERS TRIPODS . Are big black tripods wich even have a lever so you can spin the handle and rise it up. The mouting of the projectors are always custom made. They retract and is easy to mainting and transport.

    The solution you are making seems to me very heavy but safe.