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Tiny screw inside the barrel of lens adapter
  • Sorry if this question is a bit silly, i just want to be absolutely correct about the use of this thing but using search didn't give me the answers, most likely because m42 in other words is a screw lens adapter itself.

    My adapter has a tiny screw inside the barrel that mounts to the camera. Is there any reason for it? I guess it is there to help to fit the adapter in case it is not 0.1 mm perfect or to fine tune focusing, but i´m really not too sure.

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  • Make some photo, I also suggest to use existing topic about m42 adapters -

  • Sorry about that, i posted there a long time ago and nobody seemed to know or answer. Here is the tiny screw i was thinking about: There also seems to be some torx-like thing : Is there any practical reason it to be/exist there? : )

  • @256colour

    It is not adjustment screw. It is stop screw present on many adapters. Prevent you to turn adapter too much / in different direction or insert it wrong.

  • Thanks for the info! Yea, it makes kinda sense. : ) I found that the c-mount adapter also has this thing. I edited the topic of this thread, should be more searchable to others with same question.