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Using only two lenses
  • Originally lpowell's tip. Carrying two matching lenses seems working most of the time.

    Lumix 20.7 and Hexanon 40.8
    Vivitar 28/2.0 and Hexanon 57.4
    Any 50.4 and either Lumix 25.4 or Nokton 25.95
    Lumix 7-14 and Lumix 14-140

    I don't own half of them. Nokton.. ah... sad. A year ago I thought owning 3 lenses would do it... but I wanna own more lenses. Not to carry them all the time. To have more selections in dual lenses.
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  • It depends.
    As your selection do not have any fast wide options, for example.
    One other good option is to use two pancakes and one zoom.
    Like 14mm, 20mm + Tamron 17-50mm or something like 50-135mm :-)
  • Waiting for M.Zuiko 12mm 2.0. :)

    Zoom... ah zoom. I got the Lumix 14-42 cuz it was cheap. $50. I like AFC more and more.
  • I am seriously thinking about 14mm, 20mm + Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f/2 SL-II.
    You could select two depending on situation.
  • Vitaly, the 40mm ultron is one beautiful piece of glass I love it on my gh2 and D700. I'm thinking of adding the 58/1.4 ultron as well at some point.
  • I don't understand the "dual lens" thing... What are you saying? Just to have for wide and longer use or is there some footage matching technique you're talking about?

  • >I don't understand the "dual lens" thing...

    As I understand, main idea is to have few relatively small primes.
    Normally such approach is even advisable to newbies, as it allows you to start thinking about composition, instead of static framing that zooms lens allow you to do.
  • Sometimes two lenses work better than a dozen lenses. Yes the footage matching becomes easier. Usually I spend less time in switching lens as I have only two options. Lens A or B. Each time I switch a lens, I gotta take care of filter, hood, etc. Zooms... I use a zoom when primes don't work.