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Anyone tried Adobe Story?
  • Clearly not the most used part of Pv ... but thought I might see if anyone even checks in here. I've looked at Adobe Story for creating scripts to use to "analyze" into Premiere Pro for editing.

    Anyone here have any experience in this or other production-planning/scripting/scheduling software?


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  • I use Gorilla 5. You can import scripts written in Finaldraft and then create scheduling stripboards & budgets. Thee are all kinds of features that make it a great turnkey production package though I find the program itself really clunky with a bad GUI.

  • I have used the Adobe Story in a few (shortfilm) projects. It was some time ago and back then it had some issues (esp. with page brake formatting) as it was still in very early stages. Otherwise I liked it a lot. I mainly used it for script writing. It would also be interested to hear if someone has used more extensively all the way to editing.

  • I think I'll give it a whirl ... the "full" version through CC allows for the creation of production planning for location, people, sets, time of day ... so it might make me actually think through things better before starting projects. Which tends to me I have to go back and do something I hadn't originally thought of doing ... two or three times. Not too efficient. :)