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GH3 tuning/modification
  • Have you guys made improvements to your GH3/GH2. Here are mine.

    -Strap is shoe lace. Thick original is too big for me always in a way.

    -Original EVF eyecup too big and sharp square. I cant see hole picture. My new is much more comfortable.

    -Grip covered with soft cloth. Not so much pressure in hand.

    -Rubber band in 100-300 zoom. Zooms silky smooth.

    -Mode dial enhancements.

    1200 x 675 - 136K
    1200 x 900 - 157K
    1200 x 675 - 109K
    1200 x 900 - 192K
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  • Man this is destruction! ^^

  • I guess you are not worried so much about warranty? ;)

  • that's what I call a true frankenrig;)

  • Respect!!!

  • man you gotta post up what you have been shooting with those mods. grizzly bears or something? ha. this is true form vs function. brilliant!

  • Camera is a tool. Results is what matters to me. My first 100-300mm went broken (autofocus died). It was like this and I got new one from warranty.

  • Lens caps has been modified too. Now they dont drop themselves and with Lens hood they are much handier to use. Soft rubber pieces has good grip.

    Who wants to see my GH2?

    1000 x 648 - 120K
    700 x 741 - 135K
  • I rub saddle grease onto lenses and body in case it rains

  • The only mod I made was getting it out of the box, proud of that one.

  • I had thought many times that these camera makers dont ever use their products. They just plan on paper. Like GH3 EV-button. Looks nice in brochures but in practise it has no use ever. Ergonomics in many cameras is very bad. Gh3 is in my mind best in ergonomics but there are still much to do.

  • @yak

    you are pussy.


    you rock!!! keep on posting mods. now lets see your GH2 mod

  • Now GH2. I glued with super glue little metal rod beside back buttons because I was always incidently pressing them. GH2 is so tiny that I couldnt hold it steadily with 100-300mm lens. So I made extra handgrip. It is very comfortable to use at long sport shooting.

    Finally there is my GF1 which is now resting in locker. It was originally too slippery also.

    1000 x 750 - 184K
    1000 x 750 - 207K
    1000 x 857 - 185K
    1000 x 693 - 156K
    1000 x 867 - 166K
    1000 x 694 - 132K
  • @Vesku

    I respect and kind of admire the way you have achieved this mods, down to earth functionality and an good structure. I see long shooting hours over this designs. Seems to me that you have pretty good user interface concepts, but you lack a little bit of final art finishing on your mod work.

    For me it is like if you had a engineering design friend, you could make good CAD designs, only taking more time on preparing stuff. I would buy your mods for shure. Patience and more planing, it would pay off.

    Props my friend. Keep on the modding.

  • I am not very patient to spend too much time and effort for these things. I have done these mods with hurry. Lets say "lunch hour activity at work". I am planning to change the hole EVF ocular to better one when I have time and warranty has ended.

  • I can find that these leaves you guys speechless. Is this so weird?

  • it is not wired. I find it interesting, but you must give more feedback for us to keep on threading

  • I've never had to modify a camera like that, but if I was going to war, I would consider it :) Aesthetically speaking they probably belong to a post apocalyptic world, still cool though

  • It IS a war against bad ergonomics!

  • Homer's car ;)

  • Lmfao sick dude!

  • These are great mods that get function of camera improved. I've DIY modded some old vintage lenses that had no filter threads by taping on step-up rings to the lens. Now I can use 77mm ND filters plus also get lenses caps that fit right. This is good and cheap way to use filters on your lens if you want to avoid rig/Matte box/filter tray route...but your old lens has no threads.

  • I see a really practical aplication for this modified camera. You could leave it running unattended at an Event and nobody would mess with it.

  • @RRRoger Geeeese...I was drinking coffee when I read that.