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Lanparte cage for Black Magic Pocket Camera
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    Very handy solution allowing to balance rig with any gear on it contrary to competition.

    Available now.

    Check additional details and price.

    709 x 471 - 55K
    702 x 462 - 39K
    716 x 475 - 53K
    715 x 476 - 43K
    692 x 457 - 58K
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  • i would like to hear if you guys think its a good idea to pinch the camera like that to hold it in?

  • That's pretty much what everyone one of these custom cases do. Nothing to worry about. I actually prefer a cage that enshrines it more.

  • i am sorry i forgot that blackmagic pocket has 1/4 20 threads on top and bottom lol

  • I just got a Varavon but though the hdmi lock is great the access for right angle cables like lanparte power cable and rode video go is v tricky so changing it but not sure which way to go, quite like the movcam but supplier being helpful on the lanparte, which I didn't fancy because of the one sided thing, half a cage rather than a whole one. The shoe being on the front rather than top of the handle looks a bit annoying. The good thing to me is it looks fine for right angle cables! But has anyone used an hdmi lock with it? I'm thinking to put the rod through to the other side to mount battery or whatever to balance out a bit but has anyone got experience with it? Have their big rigs and like those. Mmmm?