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Capture Uncompressed 1080p 60fps video for $180?!?!
  • The catch? You'll need a desktop or laptop with USB 3 and Windows, no Mac or Linux, and I'm sure SSDs but I don't know all the specifics yet. I just found this online:

    This is a first, a capture box that allows full 1080p 60fps capture. The supplied software only goes up to 30mbs in MP4, but you can record the live view using other software in full uncompressed video. Sucks that you need to tether it, but it looks like it's USB powered so you could take it out on the road and record with a fast laptop.

    The gameplay capture scene has been advancing fast. As little as 3 years ago there was really only one player in the market(Hauppauge). Now there are 2 more major players, Elgato and Avermedia, the latter just upped the ante, and for only $180.

    EDIT: After doing some more searching I found this, XCAPTURE-1: That can also do full HD at 60fps capture, but it's twice the price of the U3. It's main benefit is it can also capture various SD resolutions with various SD connectors, the Avermedia only has HDMI. This guy did an in depth test of the XCapture in various resolutions from SD to 1080p 60fps.

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  • @CRFilms

    Btw, what is wrong with build in soft? As specs state 1080p60.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I don't understand the question. "Build in soft?"? Do you mean built in software? They always cripple the software a bit since it's just supposed to be for youtube game capture. The supplied software of the U3 can only capture at bitrates of 30mbs MAX at 1080p60. And while I don't know, I'm sure that's a 4:2:0 codec. For the GH3, you're better off just using built in 50mbs. With uncompressed capture you can get at least 8bit 4:2:2. Or possibly use another software to record in a different compressed codec.

  • IMO, at $330, the Hyperdeck Shuttle is a better investment if you're looking to capture raw from HDMI. Just under twice the price and requires no laptop connection.

  • BUT @eatstoomuchjam, the Shuttle can't do 60fps at 1080p, it maxes out at 30p. There's nothing out there, I don't think, that can do uncompressed 1080p 60fps capture for less than $995 for the Blackmagic Ultradeck 4k. Only the Extremecap U3 and it's $170 at Newegg.

    The U3 literally came out 3-4 days ago, it's brand new.

  • @CRFilms

    Thanks for the product alert. The 30mbs speed pretty much renders it useless for camera capture. The real question is whether other capture software will see the device and allow the use of higher quality codecs that are installed on the system. If so, this thing could be great.

  • @Ralph_B Here's a video showing the device working with FRAPS which records their own version of uncompressed. I've read VirtualDub will also work for capture uncompressed. I have an older version of an Avermedia pci-e capture card. It can only do 1080i, but FRAPS capture would work and VirtualDub also worked. I only captured back then at 720p and I didn't need an SSD, but for 1080i uncompressed I did need an SSD capture drive.

  • This would be a good option for broadcasting from the GH3.

  • @mpgxsvcd Can you stream in Full HD at 60fps? Most of the gameplay guys either do 1080@30p or 720@60p streaming and even 720p can get laggy at times. There's more than one gameplay capture box now that can input the 1080@60p HDMI signal and downconvert to 30p on the fly for recording or streaming. Elgato, Roxio, Happauge, and Avermedia have at least one device than can do that, but only Aver now has the record at 1080@60p edge.

    You could also use them to turn your laptop into a field monitor, some don't even need USB 3, but those would have a second or so of input lag vs the ExtremeCap that is almost lag free.

  • CRFilms I don’t need 1080p @ 60 FPS. However, it sounds like an inexpensive option for even 1080p @ 24 FPS. I tried some of the other devices that were less than $200 and they were terrible for working with a camera.

    I couldn’t get them to stream with anything other than the programs they come with. If I could get this one to work with VirtualDub or something similar it would work well for my needs.

  • Can you use VirtualDub or ffmpeg to capture from ExtremeCap U3 ?