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GH1 and GH3 - will it match???
  • Hi, I am a long time reader - first poster. I use a hacked GH1 for jears now. Slowly I start to use it for filming in a more "professional" way - still lot to learn. I am thinking of getting a GH3 as a main camera and still use my GH1 together with it.

    What is your experience in editing material from GH1 and GH3 together - will it blend ;-)

    Is there a special hack? Or will I always have trouble to get the colours and the looks of the two cameras matched? Thanks for your hints, tipps and help.

    Best. F.

    PS: Not sure if this is the right place to post - please move if not.

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  • I suggest to make search and check both GH1 and GH3 topics. As I remember, many members use pairs of GH3+GH1 or GH2+Gh3.

  • Thanks Vitaliy, I looked quite a lot. I found a lot about GH2 / GH3 but not really something about GH1 / GH3 - I will look deaper into this. Thanks. Best. F.

  • I think my experience can talk a little.

    GH1 to soft, good skintones when properly lighten, hates low light. When mached with GH3 colors could not match even with Kelvin and Color setup. In post can be matched. GH3 way to sharp has CMOS sensor, GH1 NMOS sensor. Do softening on GH3 or sharpen GH1 to match desire results.

    I would use GH1 for close ups like...85mm up. medium and wide would use GH3, but even there you could get some moire.

    Choose your thoughts based on footage you find on Vimeo.

    Best camera so far is GH2, its texture, is its texture!!!! moon t7 damm!! If GH1 had higher bit rate and less noise would choose that sensor over GH2 and GH3. Its just the best looking of them.

    Good luck.