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GH3 short short live music vid
  • Everything went wrong, was filming on my own for some friends at a live music event trying to be clever and my static wide angle shot failed and my primary audio clipped. Just had b roll and hand held with my GH3 and my zoom h4n that I'd set up for ambient sound to mix in was usable luckily!

    After initial panic because I had no choice I used the getting ready b roll to tell a little background story cut in with the performance shots and actually came out to be one of my better bit's of work :) Loads wrong with it and not a professional as a lot of what I see here! but something about it I really like I think it has character, just did it quickly as well 2 hours from shooting edit and upload. Some of the b roll shots I'm really pleased with, makes me want to try harder every time I get some of those.