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Idea for a custom M4/3 adapter for video.
  • One of the issues with still lenses is that they are in many ways not well suited for film, but I have some ideas on what to improve them! Most of this comes not from improving the lenses, but the adapter between them. My ideas so far would be an adapter like this:

    1. Mounted sideways: This way the focus mark and aperature all end up mounted sideways, like a cine-lens. Makes life for your focus puller easier.

    2. Extra tight lock: As we saw in another thread, adapters tend to be a bit loose at times. While there are ways to improve it, I would not mind and extra lock screw.

    3. Ability to set flange to focal distance (shimming more or less): This might not work in practice, but this would be to make sure the focus marks are on, but as they might be off on the lens, this might be rendered moot.

    And if possible a back that has a bokeh filter holder added, for getting anamorphic bokeh at a wide-angle.

    Do you think this would be doable? Because an adapter like this could help a lot for us that use a focus puller and to adapt still lenses for better work for video!
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev: Wow that would do more or less everything. How quick is it to change a lens by the way?